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Suarti was, by the age of 12, an accomplished painter, musician and dancer. She had performed for presidents and queens and later captivated audiences in New York bringing the spirit of Balinese culture to Broadway through dance and her own showroom in Soho. All this from a small girl raised in a smalll village on the island of Bali.Her creations derive their inspiration from Balinese tradition, culture, way of life and natural surroundings. While some items are meticulously ornate, others can be surprisingly simple. In a arnge of items from fully handcrafted limited editions to uncomplicated minimalist designs, Suarti recognizes we all have different tastes.
Her silver jewelry enchances the aura of all who wear it.


Suarti Ritual Of Fire Archipelago Heritage Collections

Ritual of fire (ROF) is the new line of Suarti’s artistic hi-tech fashion jewelry studded with semi precious stone and gemstone beads in new and innovative designs. Introducing Suarti’s newest exquisite rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, watches and other special pieces from the island of Bali.
SUARTI leads the SUARTI DESIGN CENTRE team of highly skilled and innovative designer in the country. With her design philosophy and concept, she has the artist’s vision of what is beautiful, and the boundless creativity to design avariety of pieces that marry ancient traditional with modern sensibility pieces of art that has universal, cross cultural appeal.

Suarti goes beyond just a collection of jewelry designs, it is an art. Coming from generations of balinese artist, Suarti looks at the world differently; with a unique insight. Suarti invokes and imparts “taksu”or “spiritual power” into all her design. Taksu is a gift from the Gods. Suarti derives joy from seeing people wearing her creations and she feels a sense a pride in knowing that the person wearing her jewelry has a “blessing from the Gods”. That’s the goal of Balinese artist; the gift they bring to their art is taksu, and the person who wearing them is blessed. All Suarti Designs reflect her culture and proudly present the Archipelago Heritages. Archipelago Heritages allow you to experience rich and unique culture of Indonesia. One of Suarti’s passions is to share the culture to the world by incorporating ethnic motives and techniques into modern jewelry designs.