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Suarti Company designs and manufactures sterling silver jewelry on the island of Bali for wholesale purposes. The company employs expertly trained craftsmen where a strict adherence to quality control is always maintained. Suarti’s main focus is the manufacture and production of its own unique designs reflecting the culture and tradition of Bali and other, Indonesia; however, it also has a production facility dedicated to accepting and manufacturing designs from other parties. The company now also manufactures many lines of trendsetting fashion oriented jewelry on a platform where classic becomes contemporary and traditional becomes modern. About Suarti Suarti was, by the age of 12, an accomplished painter, musician and dancer. She had performed for presidents and queens and later captivated audiences in New York bringing the spirit of Balinese culture to Broadway through dance and her own showroom in Soho. All this from a small girl raised in a smalll village on the island of Bali.Her creations derive their inspiration from Balinese tradition, culture, way of life and natural surroundings. While some items are meticulously ornate, others can be surprisingly simple. In a arnge of items from fully handcrafted limited editions to uncomplicated minimalist designs, Suarti recognizes we all have different tastes. Her silver jewelry enchances the aura of all who wear it.